Warm-Weather Fun:
Cooking an Egg on the Dashboard!

Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands, and that I'm easily amused.

Mildly curious as to what it might reveal, I put the fabulous probe thermometer in the car to see what the interior temperature might be on a fine, moderate day like today. It turned out to be 195 degrees.

Ever the one to store stoopid stuff in my brain cells forever, I recalled the urban lore of cooking potroast or chickens in cars, and decided that I had waited too late in the day to start any culinary effort of great ambition. For my first attempt at car cuisine, I determined to start with an egg.

Said egg was duly cracked into a custard cup sprayed with cooking spray:

and was installed with no little fanfare on the dashboard.

Here you see the FPOGE at the curb, with the egg visible on the dash. In this case, however, the acronym would have to stand for Fine Piece of German Eggcookingmachinery.

And DAYUM if that thing didn't actually start to cook!

Wait for it......

Et voilá -- Carkey Cuisine!


You know the madness didn't stop here.  Subsequent adventures include 
Car-Cooked Chicken En Papillote
, a coffeecake, and the final edition of Dashboard Dining.


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